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ホームページとして使える視覚的なブックマークとタスクリストです。類似のアドオンとしては Speed Dial や Fast Dial があります。初期設定では空白のタブに読み込まれます。背景色などはカスタマイズが可能。コンテキストメニュー (右クリック) から設定を変更できます。



** For users who still use super-start 3.6 and don't want to update to v4, you can install super-start v3.6.4b, which works fine with the latest version of Firefox. The link: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/downloads/file/193648/super_start-3.6.4b-fx.xpi**

** If you have problem with Tab Mix Plus (TMP), please check this link: http://www.enjoyfreeware.org/superstart/faq#why-it-doesnt-work , and the problem has been solved in version 6.8, which will be available in a few days. **

I uploaded a video on youtube, which shows the usage, maybe it helps if you don't know how to use.

Please refer to this page for the version history, and
please refer to this page for help :)
Source code is available here: github

First, if you uncheck the "load in blank tab" in options dialog, you can set it back from the add-ons manager ( "firefox -> add-ons -> Super Start -> options" )

SuperStart has some features such as:
A visual bookmarks on your homepageA simple todo-list as well, just reminder you don't forget to do something (the todo-list can be closed)Drag the site into another, you'll get a group (v4.0).ctrl + T or open a new tab and you'll see SuperStart :)
*** FAQ ***
Q: How to modify / remove the site I added ?
A: Please hover the mouse (cursor) over the snapshot, and you'll find there are 4 icons on the top. The icons are there for : open in newtab, edit, refresh and remove. Please note that you can click the "remove" icon with ctrl-key pressed to skip the confirmation. It will save your time if you have many sites to be removed. (for 4.0+) Q: How to save my notes I typed in the textarea
A: Just press <enter> key to save it in the todo - list.Q: If I meet some problems...
A: Please give me an email to: cyberscorpio {at} gmail {dot} com , thank you :)
*** USAGE ***
You can always add a link by double clicking any blank space (v4.0).Or right click on any blank space in a tab page and select Add this tab to SuperStartYou can also right click on the tab header, and select Add this tab to SuperStartWhen you input the notes in the textarea, then press "enter" to save it into the list
Thank you and I hope you like it :)