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Personal Menu provides you a Firefox Button and the ability of placing items of menu-bar into the menu of it. Bookmarks and history items are also available to be shown inside the menu.
In addition, you may create toolbar-boxes (let you put toolbar-buttons inside), sub-menus and split-menus to organize your Firefox Menu!

Included languages: Български, Euskara, català-valencià, 中文 (简体), 正體中文 (繁體), Čeština, Nederlands, English, Eesti keel, suomi, Français, Deutsch, Ελληνικά, עברית, Magyar, Italiano, 日本語, 한국어, lietuvių kalba, Polski, Português (Europeu), română, Русский, Српски, Español (de España), Svenska, ไทย, Türkçe & Tiếng Việt.


*** What are the bookmark icons inside the second screen-shot? ***
The group of bookmark icons at bottom-left, is "Bookmarks Toolbar Items", inside a Toolbar Box. If you want to add this one, you need to remove it from Bookmarks Toolbar via "View -> Toolbars -> Customize". Then go to Personal Menu Options, add an available item called "Toolbar Box", finally you may see the "Bookmarks Toolbar Items" in the available item list.

*** Hint about Adding Toolbar Items ***
In "Edit Menus" panel, the available toolbar items depend on "View → Toolbars → Customize..." panel. For example, if "New Tab" button is available in Customize Toolbar panel, it will be available in "Edit Menus" also. It means you may only add the toolbar items that do not exist in any toolbar.

*** Hiding the title text of Bookmark Items and History Items ***
The new available items -- Bookmark Items and History Items display with a title text named "Bookmarks" and "History". You may hide the titles with userChrome.css if you don't like it:
/*hide the title of bookmark items*/
#cm-bookmarks-box > :first-child,
#cm-bookmarks-box > menuseparator {
display: none;

/*hide the title of history items*/
#cm-history-box > :first-child,
#cm-history-box > menuseparator {
display: none;
*** Add more columns in Firefox Menu with Personal Menu 5.0 ***
Since the following steps are related to modifying JavaScript code. You should only continue if you are sure of what you are doing.
Install userChrome.js and restart Firefox.Open the file "userChrome.js" in your profile, and paste the following code in to the file:

if (location == "chrome://browser/content/browser.xul") {
setTimeout(function() {
// this is the only setting you can edit
// each line equals to one column, wrapped with "" (double quotation marks)
// and split with , (comma)
var newLists = [

var appmenu = document.getElementById("appmenu-popup");
for(var i in newLists) {
appmenu.cm_containers[i+2] = appmenu.firstChild.appendChild(document.createElement("vbox"));
appmenu.cm_containers[i+2].id = "appmenu" + (parseInt(i)+3) + "ryPane";
appmenu.cm_containers[i+2].cm_list = newLists[i].split(",");
appmenu.cm_containers[i+2].cm_topMenu = appmenu;
}, 10);
}Open "Personal Menu Options".Design your new column in the primary-pane in "Edit Menu" panel.
(Information: Firefox menu is divided in two columns: the left one primary-pane and the right one secondary-pane.)Save the setting.Go to about:config, copy the value of "compact.menu.primaryList" and SET IT TO EMPTY.
(Find "compact.menu.secondaryList" if you design the new column in secondary-pane.)Open userChrome.js, paste the value into newLists. For example, if the value is aaa,bbb,ccc, the part of code in userChrome.js will be:var newLists = [
];Save userChrome.js.Repeat steps 3-8 to create your new columns. For example, the newLists bellow means creating 4 new columns:

var newLists = [
];Make sure the lines are split with comma, and there is no comma at the end of the last line.
If you are going to use userChrome.css to embellish the new columns, you may use the id of them in the selectors: "appmenu3ryPane", "appmenu4ryPane", etc.

In case of unexpected errors,

*** Why do some items become grey and disabled in Help, Tools, etc? ***
For example, if you add both "Tools --> Options" and "Tools" in Firefox Menu, when you open Firefox Menu, you will see the "Options" inside "Tools" is disabled. It is because Personal Menu is trying to keep the view of original menu, and create a dummy at the original position of the item. You may hide those dummy with userChrome.css:

[id^="cmRestorePoint-"][disabled="true"] {display: none}
*** About Editing Right-click Menu ***
If you want to edit your content (right-click) menu, please try Menu Editor.
Personal Menu WILL NOT include this feature, since they are based on two totally different ideas.

*** If There Is Not Your Language in Personal Menu ***
If there is not your language or it is incomplete, and you would like to be the volunteer for the translation, you are welcome to be the translator of Personal Menu! You may register in BabelZilla, then go to the page of Personal Menu, choose your language in "Register me as translator for:" at the bottom, and press "Let's go" to start your translation.

*** Questions and Suggestions ***
If you have any suggestion, you are welcome to post them in "What do you think?" below.
Please notice that I can read Chinese and English only.
Since I won't be notified when there is new review, I can't promise to reply you immediately.
You are welcome to discuss those problems or bugs with me by E-mail: mercichao AT gmail DOT com, or the forum mozillaZine.


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